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Shuang Qiu
Artist | Student | Varied
New Zealand
You don't need to know too much about me, I am not going to give you a long winded speech about how great of an artist I am, what I like and what I like to become in the future. Just know this, I am a guy who likes to draw in the old ways, of pen and papers, I have been doing it since as long as I could remember, whether that means anything is up to you.

I am currently accepting requests, if you can think of it, then I will try my best to draw it, anime or american comic? No problamo, furries? Can do! Just lay it on me, I love myself a good challenge.


Armored Battalion [Concept Idea]
A.K.A. my mecha comic idea that never got off ground because it is too difficult to draw. I had this idea about 4 years back, during the dark age of my art style (no neck era). So here is bit of an update on the concept. The story goes, in the distant future, the world once again was split into two, the east and the west, and then mechas happened, yeah, I didn't think it through...

staring (from left to right)

Cpl. Honray Cho: originally fighting for the Chinese (hence his name), Honray was captured during a skirmish at the Korean border and was brainwashed to serve the west instead (basically, the two sides were stealing each other's pilots to replenish their own lost). His mobile suit is the J-35 'Landcaster', a heavily armored weapon platform, slow but hit hard as hell.

Sgt. Dexine Narville: the arrogant red head of the team (she is basically Asuka Lanley Soryu if she was older), Dexine is one of the successful candidates of the MIU (mind impulse unit) program and got very cocky because of it. She operates the MIU prototype J-75 'peace walker', a much more agile mobile suit than anything that was on the battle field.

pvt. Emily Diamondis: a young graduate from the engineering academy, she is the rawest of the pilot in the team and is hence handed one of crappiest mobile suit, the standard J-15 upgraded with a hyper blow torch to help of front line repair duty. She later on used it as a make shift light saber. 

Will you ever make a comic out of this?

Not for a long time, this idea needs to be fleshed out and I simply don't see enough demand for this comic to justify the effort needed to make this comic.
Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays -06
WARNING: this comic is still under construction, some plot lines and characters may be retcon'd in the future. This comic follows an alternate timeline from the Anime Medabot (as far as season 1 & 2's lore are concerned), so the canon has been altered to fit the setting.

Some differences from the main canon:
- After the 10 days of darkness, not all Medabots have calmed down, some medabots retained their memories as medalorian warlords of the old and are determined to wage guerrilla war against humanity. 
- Medabots are received differently from country to country, they are after all robot toys with guns and life ammunition, some country sees them as mere toys (Japan), others see it as a mean to expand their military technology (USA, China and Russia) while some countries banned them outright. (Australia and Germany)
- This story takes place before the anime, for now I say it is 5 years before the main anime, effectively taking any canon human characters out of the equation since they would all be babies. Victor, Dr. Aki, Mr. Referee and Henry might still show up though.
- Not all Medaforce manifest physically, some can be entirely passive (like, your medabot is always lucky for some strange reason) while others can be entirely useless in battle(your medabot can change his tinpet's gender, great).
- The reason why technology seemed to have not advanced much in the 22nd century (where the show takes place), is due to a variety of reasons. Many have since been forgotten, economic collapse, destruction of science facilities by religious terrorists, government conspiracies, just to name a few of the theories. Some even speculated that during the middle of the 21st century when humanity first discovered the medals, an event a hundred times worse than the 10 days of darkness happened and it nearly blasted mankind back to the stone age.

Synopsis for the current story: After failing to persuade Gwyndolyn to stop his protest, I was on my way home. While Morpho was going to make a new friend in the form of Mercedes, a Robo nun (Neutranurse Type N). The door of the Medacorp North American branch blew open (with some kind of breach charge), and out came, the FALLEN KING! A new battle begin, time to ROBATTLE!!! (Mister referee isn't here, he will show up later on and explain why he wasn't involved, *spoiler* he thought the match was, illegal as one of the medabots was illegally modified.)
Writer's note: If you pay close attention to Fallen King's shadow at the explosion (KA-BOOM!!!), he is holding a suit case of sort in his hand, guess what he was stealing at Medacorp? 

Previous:Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays -05
Next: coming soon

You can find the comic index here:
Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays [INDEX] by MidnightDJ-SK
I drew so much today my arm is hurting, but I must put out enough content!!! FOR MY WATCHERS!!! WHO BELIEVE IN THE ME WHO BELIEVES IN MYSELF!!!
Rule 63 rampage: Morpho
This is what happens if Morpho, my Medabot OC is a human girl, as it turns out, she is a red head for some reason, don't ask why, at least she didn't look like Nappa without his goatee. 

I know Morpho is a female medabot already, but hey, no exceptions.

Other atrocities committed in the name of rule 63:
UT Rule63 - Ms. Gaster
Rule63 rampage - Crystal Prisoner
Rule63 rampage - Paladin
Rule 63 rampage - Lord of the lost land
Rule63 rampage - The Fallen Queen


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