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Gunpla showcase: RX-78 GP01 'Zephyranthes' :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 2 0 How to draw - Solotria (read description first!!!) :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 5 0 Medabot OC: Lady [Water color] :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 9 2 Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays -09 :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 1 3 Crouching whale hidden mermaid :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 7 1 Corruption [watercolor] :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 4 4 Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays -08 :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 3 3 Dr. Allison Pierce :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 7 3 Some Random Gemsonas :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 9 1 Morpho and 'Me' [Watercolor] :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 10 1 Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays -07 :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 3 3 Eversor Assassin :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 3 1 Callidus Assassin :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 4 0 Armored Battalion [Concept Idea] :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 10 7 Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays -06 :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 2 3 Hunter against the hunted :iconmidnightdj-sk:MidnightDJ-SK 5 2

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Shuang Qiu
Artist | Student | Varied
New Zealand
You don't need to know too much about me, I am not going to give you a long winded speech about how great of an artist I am, what I like and what I like to become in the future. Just know this, I am a guy who likes to draw in the old ways, of pen and papers, I have been doing it since as long as I could remember, whether that means anything is up to you.

I am currently accepting requests, if you can think of it, then I will try my best to draw it, anime or american comic? No problamo, furries? Can do! Just lay it on me, I love myself a good challenge.


Gunpla showcase: RX-78 GP01 'Zephyranthes'
This is the real grade 1/144 RX-78 GP01, the main gundam of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Stardust memory". Here you can see, on the top right, where it fights along side RX-78-2, the first Gundam. So I guess they are just spending some quality father and son time. 
How to draw - Solotria (read description first!!!)
Note: this is my first digitally made tutorial, so it is not very good. And it assumes you have the some rudimentary skill when it comes to drawing characters (ie, how to draw fingers and limbs, I don't like hand holding). I did rush a few things or two since I sometimes forget to take pictures. So take this tutorial with a grain of salt and it is by no meanings the be all end all way of drawing Solotria. The humanized, genderbent character of Solotron. The SK in game avatar of Serjinxable. I do not own the character, of course. 

This video inspred me to draw this:…

ps. I will make a part two of this if anyone is interested in how I colored her. This tutorial only covers her line work.

Serjinxable's request: Solotria  (complete) by MidnightDJ-SK A late Christmas art by MidnightDJ-SK Spiral Girls by MidnightDJ-SK Spiral knights lack good plots by MidnightDJ-SK
Here are some other arts involving her if you want more references.
Medabot OC: Lady [Water color]
What?!!??!! A evil Morpho??!!!

Okay, I am going to say right now that this is only a concept (so technically this isn't a spoiler for the comic: Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays), Lady, who is clearly based off a ladybug (duh). Is a void combat prototype, in another word, she can fight in the vacuum of space. She is definitely not an easy Medabot to use, a noob trap as some might call her. Lady require a lot of skills and precision to perform properly. 

Here are some stats: (keep in mind, all of these are just placeholders)

Model name: Lady
Model number: SB-ZX177
Model type: Steel Butterfly (she has the same chasis as Morpho)
Medal type: Butterfly 

Gender: female

Quality: ???

Flaw: ???

Head: Star gazer - Lady's wings were built as solar sails, energy fields that were built to catch solar wind, enable Lady to move in deep space unassisted by other power source. They cannot be used in atmospheric combat since solar ray are blocked by Earth's Ozone layer.

Left hand: Void fury - an experimental plasma rifle, the first of its kind, fires high energy plasma shots that can tear through most conventional armor, but due to the experimental nature of the weapon, the plasma's effective range is below 100 meters since it looses energy quickly in space. This makes Lady what she is, a high risk vs. high reward medabot, if you ran too far from your enemy, your shots won't be too effective and if too close, Lady have next to no melee option and will be overmatched in close combat.

Right hand: Sun fury - an experimental microwave projector, designed to melt objects and enemies at extreme close range by heating them at an atomic scale. So yeah, SUPER ULTRA HIGH RISK Vs. SUPER ULTRA HIGH REWARD. And for a one time use, Lady can use her medaforce to project a force field and focus the heat into a temporary high powered(and highly unstable) energy blade. The heat will destroy the weapon's barrel in a matter of minute, so this melee ability must be timed wisely.

Legs: same as Morpho, gotta love those rocket high heels.


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MegaMovieMonday Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there. If you're offering, I would like to place a request please. But first, I have some questions I want to ask if that's okay.
MidnightDJ-SK Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Sure, but I am very busy with school work at the moment so pm me if you want the question to be private.
MegaMovieMonday Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay then. Thank you for that. :)
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Heyy! Thanks so much for watching me <3
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